Meet Magnus

A Rescued Coyote Pup

Please note: Magnus is not on exhibit at this time. He will need some time to adjust and grow before joining our exhibit collection.

Magnus was rescued at approximately three weeks of age by PAWS (Paws Animal Wildlife Sanctuary) in Waterloo, South Carolina. With no sign of his mother or other pups around, they took him in and started trying to find facilities that would care for him.

An alternate home had to be found for Magnus because South Carolina law dictates he could not be released back into the wild. The Binghamton Zoo has the space and facilities for this species, so staff eagerly started making arrangements to make this Magnus’ new home.

Binghamton Zoo staff has been raising the 8 week old pup and socializing with him since his arrival on June 8th. Magnus will help us tell the story of coyotes in the wild and their relationship with red wolves. This education is especially important in the area where he came from; where coyotes and red wolves live in the same habitat.

Magnus is currently going through a quarantine period and will not be on exhibit. Ultimately, he will be a future resident of Wolf Woods.

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