From the artists: FoxCrow, an artist collective from New Jersey / New York, has teamed up with the Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park in Binghamton, NY to renovate several wall facades and bring them to life with art for the visitors and animals of the zoo.

The Binghamton Zoo is the 5th oldest zoo in the country and is working hard to regain AZA accreditation. We plan to help them in their efforts !

We plan to convert the 6ft high x 400-600ft long parking embankment wall into a welcoming mural for the families and children, as they park and prepare to enter the zoo, the wall will set the tone for the fun and adventures that are about to begin.

In addition to this, the 15ft high x 240ft long Andean Bear enclosure will receive a complete new makeover consisting of lifelike trees and foliage that would exist in its actual environment, not only making it a more beatified environment for the park goers, but a happier, more natural environment for the bear.

Renovation is set to start in the Fall of 2016 and/or Spring of 2017 if funding is not met. The amount of space that needs to be painted is so tremendous, the donations will primarily be covering the cost of paint. In addition (but not limited to), other expenses such as gas, hotels, food, & supplies. There will be 11-14 artists donating their time and talent to paint a total of approximately 6,000 SF of wall space in a matter of 2 days.

THE ZOO NEEDS OUR HELP! The artists are donating their time and talent, please help with a donation to cover paint and supplies. Help us bring the zoo and the city of Binghamton to life with art.